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Vulnerability Management

In the modern business landscape, vulnerability management is not just a checkbox, it’s a foundational element of Corporate Risk Management and Governance

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management: A Vital Cybersecurity Cornerstone

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is the systematic process of identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and mitigating security vulnerabilities to protect against potential exploitation and maintain a secure digital environment.

Web Application Security

Web application security within vulnerability management entails safeguarding online applications from potential threats and vulnerabilities through proactive identification, mitigation, and continuous monitoring.

Policy Compliance

Policy Compliance refers to the adherence to established rules, regulations, and standards within an organization, ensuring that operations, processes, and behaviors align with predefined policies and guidelines.


Remediation is the process of addressing and resolving identified vulnerabilities or issues to improve the security posture and functionality of a system, network, or application. 

Integrated Vulnerability Management

The solution that offers the most extensive and all-encompassing approach to vulnerability management exercises, catering to organizations with diverse operational capacities, emerges as the optimal choice for contemporary digital enterprises. Vulnerability management involves identifying, assessing, addressing, and reporting on security vulnerabilities present in systems and the software operating on them. When integrated with other security measures, it becomes crucial for organizations to prioritize potential threats and reduce their exposure to attacks.

Features of Integrated VM

Remediation / Optimization Settings

Risk Meter

Autoassign / Bulk Assignation

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Predefined Notifications

SLA Configuration

Integrations Available

Vulnerability Management

Our highly anticipated product offering seamlessly incorporates a comprehensive vulnerability management component that encompasses and unifies capabilities from nearly all prominent vulnerability management solutions available in the market.

Working Process of our Solution

Vulnerability Management

Unlocking Security: A deep dive into our Vulnerability Management solution's operational Process

The solution is highly adaptable and can interface with virtually any intricate vulnerability management system, such as Qualys, Acunetix, Burp Suite, HCL AppScan, and other OEM solutions that provide API access. The solution supports three distinct integration modes. The platform facilitates both one-way and two-way integration, offering the flexibility to initiate the entire process from Compliance Foresight and manage it within the solution itself. This streamlined approach eliminates the need to log into multiple tools and fetch reports separately, thereby enhancing efficiency.

Overall Process of the System

Vulnerability Management

Navigating the full spectrum: The comprehensive process of Vulnerability Management

VM process helps the organizations to initiate the scans and manage all data across the infrastructures in a single platform with all scanning process happening at the backend. Once the APIs are integrated, users will just need to manage the scans and all related data across the infrastructures through the common unified platform. It is critical for organization to know the patching status through automated means and not only rely on users to inform the patching pointers. Compliance Foresight  VM Module has a very unique feature where it compares the last two scans to suggest if the patching is done. This helps the infrastructure team to verify the patching.


CISO Dashboard , Department Dashboards

Reduced Overhead in managing Organization Vulnerability

Single Solution to manage all organization vulnerabilities

Real Time Dashboards

Reduced Complexities

Pre–Defined Reports in excel and PDF

Trend Analysis of the vulnerabilities across servers, applications and devices

Business Level Ownerships and Vulnerabilities Closure

Automatic Patching Compliance

Tracker for Vulnerability Assessment, Policy Compliance and Web Applications

Mechanisms to raise exceptions and Exceptions Dashboards

Track all exceptions and reports and trends on defined period

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