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Next Gen GRC Automation

Scalable and Customizable Governance Risk Compliance Framework with focus on GRC for SMB and motive as Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) for all .

Governance Risk & Compliance

Solution Integrations

Governance Risk Compliance

Compliance Foresight

Compliance Foresight is a scalable Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) framework with customized solutions and pre built compliances. The ability to integrate any solution to map the risks and show real time governance, data makes it one of the class solutions in GRC field. The solution has the capability to work on premise or Cloud or over VPN Cloud .

Governance Risk & Compliance
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Governance Risk & Compliance

Compliance Solution Features




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Unified Control Framework

Workflows and Notification

Solution Integrations

Compliances Covered

Achieve your compliance journey with Governance Risk Compliance overall compliance map

What is Compliance Foresight ?

Compliance Foresight is a next gen GRC solution with predefined compliances and workflows to help organizations achieve their desired compliances in a faster way. The lean and easy to use solution makes it a simple go to solution for the clients.

What compliances can be achieved ?
What integrations are covered. ?
The integrations covered can be seen from the integrations section of the page, however many more integrations can be done. Solution requires the Open and REST API should be available for integration to platform.
Can we define custom workflows ?
Yes , custom workflows can be defined as per user requirements. System provides a simple drop down menu to run the workflows and starts straight from L1 to L2 and so on. The predefined workflows starts the workflow with just 1 click and management can see the action immediately.
What are the benefits ?
We provide predefined SLA interfaces , Predefined formula for risk management , risk settings, button settings , predefined workflows, compliance control tracker for evidence based compliance tracking and loads of features. Connect with sales at to know more.
What models are available ?
Solution is available on SaaS , however for large organizations and to meet regulation requirements, we can discuss for onsite deployment model.
What clouds are supported ?
Solution is hosted on aws , google cloud, azure. Any other cloud options can be controlled.
What about my data regulations. Will my data be stored locally to meet law of land and comply with regulations ?
Solution follows the data regulation policies. For example for India Customers – data is stored in aws Mumbai location, for Singapore customers, aws Singapore region , for US , we use aws US region.

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