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Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Risk Management is one of the most critical aspect of Cyber Security Compliance. With day to day increase in requirements of compliance and multi vendors in an organization, it becomes more important for the organization to manage cyber security assessments of 3rd parties to ensure they also follow the required security standards and practices.

Third Parties Risk Management

Third Parties Risk Management is the Right Practice

Ever increasing requirements of compliances and complex mechanisms involved ensures that organizations follow the right practice to enhance secure measures so that vendors serving the organization are following the latest and up to date security structures giving confidence in business delivery.

Whitehats proprietary Compliance foresight solution is the possible solution that addresses all possible challenges and available as a service/on-perm model that helps solution to scale up and provides the better analytics insight to manage the 3rd party risks and shows the real posture of the challenges in an organization.

Third Parties Risk Management

Customized Reports in Excel and PDF

Third Parties Risk Management

Download your reports in pdf and excel format, with full customization and maps to compliance reports. Continuous Assessments or 1 time assessments, Department wise vendor assessments, All features in one solution

Third Party Risk Dashboards - Real time on engagement levels

  1. Onboard Vendors
  2. Assign the security questions
  3. Collect Evidence and Measure Security compliances
  4. Workflows inbuilt to function as operations
  5. Share the Insights

Third Party Risk Management Process Flow

Traditional 3rd Party Risk Management process follows more of the scattered approach with every department dealing separately with their respective vendors and following their own established process of manual data verifications. This method deals with errors and is time consuming and often is prone to data deficit, also centralized data related to 3rd parties is a major challenge. Centralized automated 3rd Party Risk Management is the need of the business to ensure efficiency and accuracy with full security is maintained. Business can generate multiple assessments and easily monitor compliance with centralized repository to maintain data privacy.

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