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Data Rights Management

Secure Your Sensitive and Private Data

DSPM by Data Foresight

DSPM – Data Security Posture Management, is undoubtedly the most demanding and sought-after, for bringing Personal Data Security to a new level. Personal data safety is paramount with the advent of both data security and digitization. DSPM demonstrates a multistage process to help organizations measure their data security posture and achieve Compliance and Data Rights Management.

Data Rights Management
Data Rights Management

Data Security, Data Rights Management, Protecting information to safeguard Privacy, Integrity, and trust in the digital age

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Track your data at all places be it on cloud or on premises , servers or mails

Data Rights Management
Data Rights Management

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Data Rights Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the licensing works ?

There are 3 modes of licensing – Scanner , Standard and Enterprise.

Which license should I choose ?

If your target is to discover data types in organization so that you can setup your privacy framework, one can opt for Scanner.

Are their any limitations of scanner ?

Scanner is most suitable for data discovery  and data security so that you can utilize to setup your privacy framework. Scanner has limited features and is ideal for small organization and one time scanning.

What are the system requirements ?

One should consider min on 16GB of RAM and good core processor to run the scanner. For Standard and Enterprise edition, connect with

Which license should I choose for continuous scanning large data sets ?

For large data sets in drives / databases , the suitable licenses are Standard / Enterprise editions that works on agent + server model. Agents are installed on system for continuous scanning.

How do I decide the approach for scanning ?

Data Privacy framework and data discovery mechanism should follow the consultant approach in targeting the scans. Since the volume of the data will be very huge, it is important to limit your scans to achieve the desired results. If you want to discover all 100% data in your organization, be patient in getting the complete set as data privacy takes time and depends on multiple factors and resource consumptions and Data Security Posture Management.

Is scanner good for long term scanning ?

No, one should look for Standard or Enterprise for long term / continuous scanning or large data set scanning. Even if one is going for one time scanning but have large data sets specially in databases, one should opt for minimum standard edition and agent + server model. Scanner is good for small organizations for 1 time scanning

Are there any limit on scanning activity and data extraction ?

There are no limitations imposed practically, however one should follow consulting approach for data extraction and desired results.

What reports are available from dataforesight ?

PDF – summary report for management and excel reports for operations.

How do I consider the size for scanning ?

Connect with to get the desired sizing objective fit for your requirements.

Is the solution On-premise or SaaS or both ?

Both options available.

Does my data get modified in the process of discovery ?

No, Data modification happens only in case of Patching License (where data is masked), or in terms of classifications where data is tagged for classifications. This is license feature for standard / enterprise.

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